Good Governance

The mission of Put People First (PPF ) is to mobilize and empower our citizenry to collectively identify issues important to our community. Together, with other community organizers, we will construct a shared agenda, which we will expect electoral candidates to support.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure elected leaders are fully invested in the priority issues of our equity agenda, and if elected they will serve as models of good governance. The pillars of good governance we expect to see will include:

  • unrestrained support for an informed citizenry through public education
  • unhesitant advocacy for public health and safety
  • transparency and accountability in all government activities
  • a champion of democracy and freedom
  • active support of civic works and infrastructure

Good governance requires that all New Orleanians—especially the most vulnerable—will have direct or representative access to the systems of government. Good governance always acts in the best interests of its citizens. It sides with initiatives that unlock new opportunities while reducing risks, and enabling a more stable and productive society.

Transparency should be its greatest virtue. Citizens should understand how decisions are made, especially if they are directly affected by them. This information should be provided in a timely, understandable, and easily accessible format. The media should always be a welcome participant.

We know what the indicators of bad governance look like. We’ve seen violations of basic consumer protections by utility companies; we’ve witnessed the lack of transparency regarding tax breaks and incentives; we’ve experienced the troubling shortcomings of our law enforcement and jail systems, and we are currently living with the results of decades of inaction on climate change.

If you support good governance—if you are interested in the people who will represent us on our City Council, our boards, and our commissions—join us today, to make a difference.