Put People First (PPF ) is a community-based, grassroots organization committed to serving progressive values and causes.

As a 527 non-profit organization, our aim is to build political leverage in our community by engaging in specific, organized activities to support candidates who advocate our priority issues. We believe we can affect sustainable change by enlisting stakeholder participation in activities that will make them part of the decision-making process.

By leading with integrity, our goal is to help build involvement from a bottoms-up approach and a sense of continuation toward a future firmly grounded in the democratic process. Our aim is to engage stakeholders at every level to help inform decisions and influence outcomes by participating—with us—in activities including:

  • Educating voters on important political issues including the voting records of officeholders and candidates
  • Making candidate endorsements
  • Contributing to and campaigning for candidates who support PPF political agenda

In addition, Put People First will:

  • Assist voters in organizing for effective political action—including voter registration
  • Consult with legislative bodies, local leaders and organizations on policy agendas
  • Conduct fundraisers for candidates who support PPF ’s priority issues
  • Work to recall officeholders who do not prioritize good governance

Put People First PAC believes leaders at the local, county, and state levels make decisions every day that impact our citizens’ lives and influence the vitality of our community. It is critical for candidates to understand the effect of their decisions on housing, health, education, taxation, and other equity issues. We will strive to enforce transparency, accountability, and other metrics of good governance.